SSHRC Grants and Scholarships Budget

SSHRC’s budget is determined each year by Parliament. SSHRC maintains authority to set its priorities, policies and funding programs, and reports to Parliament annually through Innovation, Science and Economic Development Canada.

SSHRC funding is awarded through open competitions with a rigorous merit-review process accessible to all disciplines, areas, themes and approaches. In some cases, the Government of Canada has signaled support for specific themes and approaches by allocating additional funding in the federal budget. Where funds have been specifically allocated through federal budgets, SSHRC respects these commitments in the funding it awards. Recent federal budget allocations have included:

  • Management, Business and Finance (Budget 2007, $11 million);
  • Canadian Environmental Issues and Northern Communities: Towards Social and Economic Prosperity (Budget 2008, $12 million);
  • Digital Economy (Budget 2011, $7 million);
  • Industry Academic Partnerships (Budget 2012, $7 million, and Budget 2013, $7 million); and
  • Partnerships (Budget 2015, $7 million).

SSHRC’s grants and scholarships budget for 2017‑18 is $388.2 million (excluding the Research Support Fund). All figures are rounded.

SSHRC Program Budget

$388.2 million

Talent $169.0 million
Insight $176.7 million
Connection $29.6 million
CFREF $12.9 million